Write Your Story v-neck tee. We were inspired to create this tee by the Francesca Battistelli song. As we go through our lives, we pray to God to write our stories. It reminds us of the verse: 


"I tell you this: the good news of the kingdom of God will be spread all over the world, and wherever the good news travels, people will tell the story of this woman and her good discipleship. And people will remember her" Matthew 26:13


In an interview, Battistelli said, "To anyone who is saying Lord, I want to be available for You to use me. I don't know what that looks like, but I want it to be whatever You need, and whatever You can use. God just wants our willingness to be used however He sees fit. I hope this song speaks to people to let God write His unique story on your heart." We were so touched by this we created this shirt. Lord, use us as you see fit to write your story. 


Soft printed on a unisex Bella Canvas slub v-neck tee we hope you love this tee as much as we do. 

Write Your Story Tee


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